U.P:In first cabinet meet ,Came the farmers good day ,waives farmers’ loan upto Rs 1 lakh


U.P :-  16 days after assuming the power of the UP, the Yogi Government’s first cabinet meeting has ended. The cabinet meeting lasted about one and a half hours. Everyone’s eyes were focused on what the Yogi got from the government’s pitcher. According to sources, a decision has been taken to forgive the debt of farmers for one lakh rupees. This will benefit the state’s 2 crore 15 lakh farmers. With this, the government will have to bear the burden of 30729 crores.

Important Cabinet decisions-

– 92.5 percent of U.P. means that the amount of 2 million 15 lakh small and marginal farmers is waived
-A total of 30 thousand 729 crores of loan for these farmers is waived.
-The farmers have a maximum loan up to one lakh rupees
Loans of 7 lakh farmers who have become NPAs have also been forgiven.
– There was an NPA of about 5630 crore rupees on these 7 lakh farmers, which has been waived.
The Government has waived the debt of 36 thousand 359 crore in total.
Yogi Sarkar will buy 80 lakh metric sugarcane.
-5000 Wheat Purchase Centers will be set up, which will be monitored by the Chief Ministers.

-The money of the support cost will be directly invested in the farmers’ account. The intermediaries will end.
-Antie Romeo team is doing a good job. The campaign has been applauded. Shot built at station station. The staff comes out with briefings from the officers. Kapal should not be disturbed. Action against the harassing authorities will be taken against Kapal.
-The farmers of potato will be provided relief. Three people will be formed to buy potatoes.
It will be useful for the youth not to go out for employment. A group of ministers will go to different states and understand the industry policies there. Here a single window policy will be created. Under the chairmanship of Dinesh Sharma, they will form a group of ministers. There will be an emphasis on capital investment.
– Unlawful slaughterhouses will not run. 26 illegal slaughterhouses were closed.
In the 8-hour marathon meeting with the officials and cabinet colleagues on Monday, CM Yogi discussed the blue print of the plans of all the departments and set the target for the work. It has been decided to ban mechanical abattoirs in the meeting. At the same time there was talk of stadium in Ghazipur.