Bihar: PMCH Junior doctor Strike will continue today, 12 patients die

Patna: Junior doctors of Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH) went on strike on Wednesday to protest against the lathi charge against PG Matt’s Counseling on medical students. Due to this, 12 patients died on Wednesday. At the same time, there was no single operation in the emergency ward and 500 patients from OPD had to go back without treatment. 100 patients recruited in wards went to another hospital. However, 400 new patients have been treated like a daily in the emergency. Junior doctors have also announced to remain on strike on Thursday.
Alternative arrangement fails: 
As an alternative system, 50 doctors from outside were instructed to call PMCH, in which 22 doctors served their services. However, due to the high number of patients, there was no special effect of alternative arrangements. The patients said that the hospital administration could not make proper arrangements. Due to this, patients and their families suffered a lot of problems.
Hospital claims not death due to strike: 
12 patients including Ramdulari Devi died due to the strike in PMCH. At the same time, the hospital administration claims that there is no death due to the strike. The number of deaths, the condition of those patients was already serious. Here, due to the strike, the PMCH’s Emergency Ward did not have any operation. Whereas, there are five to six operations in emergency during normal days.
Problems in making the patients unconscious, then the doctors who came to the training resort: Sahara: The patients who have the most difficult problems are in operation. Due to the lack of doctors in the Anesthesia Department, there was a problem in fostering patients from time to time. Later, eight doctors who were trained for training on the instruction of HOD Dr. Vijay Gupta of Anesthesia Department were put into it. However, Dr Vijay Gupta claimed that the strike did not affect the operation theater.
PMCH: 500 patients returned without treatment with OPD, one operation could not be done in the emergency
Shakuntala Devi, which came from Rohtas district, has lost about 50% of the water. They brought the PMCH to the family. But, they were put on the ground in the Emergency instead of Burn Ward. When the condition became serious, the families made the plea to the security personnel. The security personnel went inside and told the senior doctors about the patient’s condition. Despite this there was no effect.
Raju Kumar, a resident of Sultanganj, Patna, is complaining of Neuro. Due to injury in the head, he becomes unconscious again and again. Brother Sunil Kumar told that there was a lot of crowd in the OPD. For this reason he had to return without treatment.
Claims were already in serious condition
PMCH had 50 doctors from outside 22 doctors joined till noon These doctors were helped with OPD, Ward. The number of patients who died, they were already in serious condition. Some of the patients were also referred to by referee.
Dr. Lakhindra Prasad, Superintendent, PMCH
Were on the road, the deaths were not known
The death of patients on Wednesday, caused by the strike or for other reasons, we do not know about it. At the same time, we do not even know about the number of deaths, because we were sitting on the demands of our demands.
Dr. Vinay Yadav, President, JDA, PMCH
Strike will continue today
current situation of other medical colleges
NMCH: Junior Doctors Work On Wednesday From Thursday they will also go on strike.
SKMCH: 800 patients who came in OPD returned without treatment.
DMCH: 1372 patients who did not get OPD treatment could not. 
JLNMCH: No strike. 
ANMMCH: No strike.