Lalu yadav has confessed, his family is owner of controversial land and mall.


Patna:RJD supremo overturned on Sunday after the allegations of BJP leader Sushil Modi scam. Lalu said that the matter of soil scam is unfounded, it is an attempt to spoil the image of my family. About the mall, Lalu accepted that the land is named after Rabri and his sons, on which the mall is being built.

BJP is spoiling the image of Lalu Prasad
This is the first time that Lalu Yadav took full five days to counterattack. This case was of clay scam and mall scam. While clarifying the soil scam, Lalu said, “There is no evidence of this. BJP is plotting to malign the image of Lalu family in the country. Along with me, Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav and Kejriwal, all such conspiracies are happening under a strategy. ‘

Lalu is using commercial land
While giving cleansing on the soil scam, Lalu Yadav admitted that the land on which the mall is being built is theirs. Now when the matter of land and land came to light, Lalu said, ‘I had land, which was kept, owned by Lara. Its director is Rabri Devi, Sharad Pratap Yadav and Tasvya Yadav. Today, a mall on my land is happening, what is the problem for anyone? We are using our land commercially. Every man works for his children and family. ‘

Rajya Sabha MP bought land
Prem Gupta, a former owner of Delight Company, also came in front of the media, who is also the RJD Rajya Sabha MP. He tried very hard to save Lalu Yadav and his family, but later he was completely trapped. Prem Gupta acknowledged that the land was bought from the Delight Company in Danapur in 2005 on the Circle rate and in 2008, Lara Projects was made to its live marketing company Pvt., Whose director Rabri Devi, Rattvik and Sharad Pratap Yadav.

Illegal property legalized
Sushil Kumar Modi, enthusiastic enthusiastic leader of Lalu, also immediately responded by calling the media. Sushil Modi said that Lalu Yadav himself is accepting that the mall and land belong to him. The land which was purchased for just Rs 90 lakh, has become a property of 500 crore today. The Delight Marketing Company was created to legalize only illegal property. Prem Gupta handed over the land in 2005 and handed it to the land and the feet of his company Lalu in 2008.

The case of illegal property
Sushil Kumar Modi warned Lalu and said that this case is illegal property, which has no discussion in his affidavit. This is also the case of ED, CBI and Income Tax, whose door is going to be forthcoming in the coming days, ie, the problems of Lalu and his family are going to increase in the days to come.