Patna Municipal Corporation counting: Click here to know the names of the winning candidates


Patna: The counting of votes for 75 wards of the capital city of Patna in Bihar is continuing from this morning. The names of the results and the winning candidates are being declared. According to the information, the deputy mayor of Patna Municipal Corporation has lost the election. Amravati was a candidate from ward number 10 and she was a strong contender for the post of Mayor. At the same time, former MLC Anwar Ahmad’s son, Asraf Ahmed Ward, has won the election from 40. Sagitta Kumari has been declared victorious from Khagaul ward number 26. Khagaul ward number 2, 3 and 4 have been elected uncontested female participants.

Patna Municipal Corporation Election:

List of winning candidates: Chhatta Devi wins from
ward number 1; Madhu Chaurasia wins from ward number 2;
Prabha Devi’s victory from
ward number 3; Pankra Devi wins from
Ward number 4; Dhanraj Devi wins from
Ward number 6; Abhishek Kumar’s ward from ward number 9; Wins from
Ward number 10 won by Gita Devi from
ward number 11, won by Ravi Prakash
ward number 12, Savita Sinha wins from
ward number 13, wins from
Ward number 15, Urmila Singh Vijay win
ward number 21 win winner
number 22 A by Dinesh Kumar
Kaveri Singh wins from
Ward number 30 Rani Sinha wins from
Ward number 31; Ashish Kumar Sinha wins from
Ward number 38; Bharti Devi from ward number 39 Win
ward number 41 List of winning candidates, Sukumari Devi from Ward 11 from Mokamah, winner of ward 12, Tuna Singh wins from ward 12; Murari Singh wins from ward 13 ; Ward 14; Poonam Devi wins from ward 15; Bharat Thakur wins from ward 15 ; Ward 16 of Ankali Devi victorious Mokamah Ward 17 Ranju Kumari won Mokamah ward 18 Rajesh Kumar won Mokamah Ward 19 Babita Devi won Mokamah Ward Pinky Kum 20 Treachery triumphant Mokamah ward love 24 Kumari won civic results (khagaul) list of winning candidates Sarah Ward khagaul 1 Sharma won Ward 2 Shobha Devi won Ward Three Priyanka Roy won Jyoti Devi ward khagaul 4 wins, Ward five Ramprves victorious ward Reena Devi 6 khagaul victory, Ward Seven lamps winning Baby Kumari won the Ward 8 khagaul Ward nine Pushpa Devi won khagaul ward 10 Vibhuti Bhushan winner Ward Pushpa 11 Devi won khagaul Ward 12 concern goddess victory, Ward Kumar Pintu won 13 of ward khagaul 14 as goddess victory, Ward 5 Amrendra Kumar won Arti Ward 16 khagaul Kumari won, or D 17 Mahendra Kumar wonkhagaul ward 18 Shobha Devi won Ward 19 India Poddar victorious khagaul ward 20 Alka Kumari won Ward 21 Poonam Devi won the mayor’s election in Patna on June 19 Electoral Officer of Patna Municipal Corporation Co DDC Amrendra Kumar said that winning candidates after the results will be given certificates.Candidates will be given entry from seven in the morning. On the basis of the original identity card, the candidate and two other agents will be admitted along with him. He said that Mayor of the Patna Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be elected on 19th.