FIFA World Cup qualifiers: two-time world champions Argentina and Uruguay face-to-face


Montevideo | Two-time world champions Argentina and Uruguay will face each other in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Argentina, with captain Lionel Messi, is third in the FIFA rankings. While Uruguay is at number 18.

Uruguay has won seven out of 14 qualifiers, five have lost and two draws. The team is still at number three with 23 points. At the same time, Argentina has also played 14 matches. Of these, 6 win, 4 lost and 4 draws. The team is at number five with 22 points.

Brazil is at the top with 33 points, out of 10, 10 out of 14. He has confirmed his place for the World Cup. FIFA World Cup is to be played in Russia next year.
Between Argentina and Uruguay, so far 187 matches have been played. Of this, Argentina has win 87 matches while Uruguay has won 57 matches. 43 matches are drawn.

Lionel Messi’s club team Barcelona’s partner Louise Suarez will not play for the national team Uruguay. They are recovering from knee injury. Instead, the team will have the responsibility to raise the team on the striker Edison Kawani.
At the same time, the Argentine team, led by Messi, has reached Uruguay and is preparing for the preparation.