Lata Mangeshkar wished Dilip Kumar to get healthier soon


Mumbai: sur Kokila Lata Mangeshkar on Saturday wished veteran actor Dilip Kumar to recover soon. These days, he is admitted to hospital due to kidney problem. Lata Mangeshkar tweeted, “I saw the news and found out that Dilip Kumarji’s health is not good. Their health is improving soon, it is a prayer to my God. ”



Dilip kumar (94) was admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai on Wednesday evening due to the problem of infection in the path of dehydration and urination.

A doctor said on Friday that the actor’s health is not well, because his creatine and potassium levels are rising and hemoglobin is decreasing. They are kept in the ICU and doctors are considering to take them to dialysis. He also clarified that he is not on the ventilator.

Dilip Kumar’s health improved


Veteran actor Dilip Kumar, who was admitted to the hospital due to kidney problem, has improved on Saturday. A senior official of Lilavati Hospital gave this information.

Ajay Kumar Pandey, vice-president of Lilavati Hospital, said, “His condition is stable, he has no fever, there is no problem in breathing, he is completely conscious, he is eating food that is told to the physicians. His creatinine  level is low in blood  and he is recovering properly, which is a good sign. “